Wednesday, May 15, 2024

About this Website

Okay, technically, this is a blog, but for the most part this is where you'll find info on all of my books. For many years, I wrote for Harlequin Publishing (which is now part of Harper). Eventually, I asked for the rights back to some of my books and you'll find links to them above (eventually, once I'm finished), whether as part of a series or as standalones. Some of them I've renamed, and I do note that. Others of my books are still being published by Harlequin, and you'll find those in a separate link above, which is still being updated (many more books to come). 

I might occasionally post about some of my favorite books by other authors, but if that's what you're looking for, my blog at is a more reliable source.

I hope you find something here to interest you, but if you have any questions or requests, please get in touch at the Contact link in the sidebar.

Happy Reading!